How it all started?

My name is Christopher Angela and I’m the owner and founder of CJAmediadesign. I was born in Bonaire but raised in Curaçao. My passion for art and design started when I was very young, I would sketch, paint, and design which allowed me to express myself. In 2010, I moved to the Netherlands to pursue studies and experiences. After that, I started my own freelance company in 2012. Since then, I’ve been creating communication solutions and initiatives for clients around the world. No matter what I’m doing or what challenges I’m facing, I always have fun doing it.

After a few years, I wanted to start a new challenge so I moved back to the island of Curaçao to pursue other career opportunities. Working with some great companies in Curaçao, and gathering more experiences, I realize that I needed to step forward and continue the CJA dreams. I must say that I have an instinct when it comes to promoting and selling products or services due to my years of experience working in this broad field.

With experience comes stability and the ability to offer our clients an explosively creative service in the knowledge that what we create works. We take that skill to many sectors we work for large and small companies, helping them achieve great results for their clients, and professionally managing their brand and collateral so that they remain consistent.


Our mission is to show and spread the power of creativity and knowledge to meet every client’s needs and exceed their expectations. We believe creativity fuels business growth.


Our vision is to show our clients at their best. We exist to allow the beauty in others to shine.